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Leewood Autograss Club are proudly supporting the Pink Ribbon Foundation, raising funds for  Breast Cancer charities during the 2013 season, and will be promoting the foundation's aims at other events, including the Ladies' and Juniors' Nationals at St Neots. Click on the logo on the left for more details of the foundation's activities.


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COMING UP .... SEPTEMBER 14/15 .... The first UK Autograss Championship comes to an end with a televised event at NORTH WALES club's very popular Broughton track, one of the last opportunities to race here. The penultimate BAS round meanwhile takes place at SEVERN VALLEY. MELTON stage their annual two dayer and DOWN AUTOGRASS have a two day "dash for cash" event. Other Sunday meetings take place at TRENT, SCOTTISH LEAGUE and CORK, while there's SEGTO racing at HORNDEAN on Sunday and a Rolling Thunder Show fixture at ARENA ESSEX on Saturday night. GLOUCESTER's scheduled meeting has been moved to 29 September.

SEPTEMBER 21/22 ..... One of the few surviving traditional League Open events, the EAST ANGLIAN OPEN, will feature two separate days' racing at St Neots' Wyboston track. Other major events are the third Irish Autograss Grand Prix at CARLOW and the televised Dash for Cash meeting at SCARBOROUGH. Single day meetings include the second round of PENNINE's Autumn Showdown, INVICTA KENT's season closer, RADFORD's Worcestershire Championship, plus STURTON & STOW, LEEWOOD, LUDLOW, SOLWAY, SOUTHERN LEAGUE and WEST WALES LEAGUE. SEGTO meetings are at TONGHAM and STANDLAKE.

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Possibly the most successful All Ireland Autograss Series yet ended in the traditional way at West Waterford's Irish Fastest Person on Grass meeting at Ballysaggart. Another very strong entry laid on some extremely close and competitive racing, culminating in a spectacular series of finals before the on track part of the meeting ended with the unique dual Champion of Champions races. The Fastest Person on Grass race, featuring all the class final winners, saw Aidan O'Neill's class 2 Micra hold off John Wilde's Class 5. While John upheld his personal tradition of only winning this trophy in even-numbered years, he compensated by winning the All Ireland Champion of Champions against all the newly crowned class champions. The action then continued through the night in the Lismore House Hotel.



Aidan O'Neill's trophies were presented by West Waterford club President JP Houlihan; John Wilde's were presented by AIAS committee members Jen Kelly and Yvonne Kearns.

Ricky Houlihan's Micra headed the CLASS 1 field after the heats, but the final was stopped and rerun after Barry Lewis rolled his Mini, and that gave the Jess brothers a chance to get in front, with James winning the final and Matt taking the championship.

The "boxy Micras" in CLASS 1A aren't as plentiful as they once were, but the racing was as close as ever, with final honours going to Shane Farrell while Michael O'Mahony took the weekend's overall win and the championship.

Aidan O'Neill, fresh from his second Nationals final, dominated CLASS 2 all weekend, with the usual close racing behind as Steven White secured the AIAS title.

Séamus O'Riordan's impressive first CLASS 3 season brought him the AIAS title, but North Wales' Barry Evans and occasional grass racer Paddy Curran headed the field on the day.

Kildare Hot Rodder Dave Heffernan's first full Autograss season saw him take thirteen wins from fifteen races in the AIAS to take the CLASS 4 title despite being closely challenged by Mike Fuller's Mini.

The CLASS 5 championship protagonists were headed in the final by Welsh visitor Bryan Neale while the AIAS battle was resolved in favour of John Wilde after James Kent saw the chequered flag a lap too early!

Declan Browne remained firmly in control in CLASS 6, although challengers such as James Sinnott, Craig Fenlon and Liam Eyre were getting ever closer.

A full grid of CLASS 7s provided extremely spectacular action, with amazingly everyone surviving until the final.  Kevin Roche was on top form to fend off Keith Kelly and Donal O'Brien in both the meeting final and the series points.

You'll never see a closer battle than the CLASS 8 final between Cierán Creane, Davy Curran and Colin Byrne, places changing on every corner until Mousey spun it away on the final turn. Davy won the weekend trophy on a tie break from Colin, while Mousey took the championship on a tie break with Davy! Fittingly, it was all decided on the number of race wins.

The CLASS 9s had their share of dramas before John Fuller took the final, but his regular sparring partner Shane Houlihan took both the weekend and championship trophies.

One or two incidents reduced the CLASS 10 field but took nothing away from a spectacular drive by Gavin Tivy, who fended off Derek Leech to win the final and take the AIAS title.

Although FORMULA 600 numbers have tailed off in Ireland there was a good battle through the season with Chris Dimond securing the title after an unbeaten weekend at West Waterford.

After incident packed racing in JUNIOR CLASS 1, Cian O'Mahony took his "Nationals" Micra to the weekend's top honour while good results throughout the three rounds saw the All Ireland title go north, courtesy of Andrew Irwin.

Cian and Michael O'Mahony had a frantic weekend keeping two cars running with two drivers each, but Cian was rewarded with a unique double win as he took JUNIOR CLASS 1A, also wrapping up the All Ireland title.

Ireland's always been to the forefront in JUNIOR SPECIALS but this time, as well as the title fight between Jack Creaven and Liam Roche, the lead battle was joined by future star Ciaran Behan, only in his third ever event. Jack held off Liam and Ciaran in a very tight final, which saw Jack leave the Juniors as a three time All Ireland Champion.

The LADIES all raced together with the weekend wins and All Ireland titles in their respective classes going to Chelsea Brady and Nicole O'Brien.

Below: Paul Pearce was in the right place to catch Barry Lewis' exit from the Class 1 final.

Elsewhere this weekend, there was a concentration of meetings in the East of England, with SPALDING running the Tony Secker Memorial, plus meetings at  INVICTA, CONCORD, NOTTINGHAM and SCUNTHORPE (including a British F600 round), while YORKSHIRE DALES' second two-dayer in three weeks was reduced by rain to Sunday only.. HEREFORD had the only meeting in the West, following the cancellation of the South Wales Open. SEGTO racing was at TONGHAM and STANDLAKE. Main event at CONCORD was the Nick Shorter Memorial, run for the first time as an Open race, and won by Allan Crowther.


CLASS 1: 1st C8E Paul Wilson 2nd C97E Peter Hunt 3rd C70E Robert Buckmaster. CLASS 2: 1st C32E Jonny Meare 2nd SP69 Dan Barrow. CLASS 3: 1st C5E Allan Crowther 2nd C279E Neil Bacon. CLASS 4: 1st C87E Peter Hunt. CLASS 6: 1st C263E Paul Horwood 2nd C522E Steve Crane. CLASS 7: 1st C73E Todd Horwood 2nd C207E Martin Clay. CLASS 8: 1st C12E David Saunders 2nd C30E Richard Turnidge. STOCK HATCH: 1st C664E Jody Wilkinson 2nd C666E Rob Britchford 3rd C23E Paul Maxim. JUNIORS: 1st C206E Declan Stansfield 2nd C34E Connor Victory 3rd C29E Aiden Nippress. LADIES: 1st C13E Sharon Douglas.

Many more Concord photos are available from Howard at

The 30th Ladies & Juniors’ National Championships were run in near perfect weather and track conditions at the St Neots club’s Wyboston track. The host club received universal praise for the venue and organisation – the one thing St Neots couldn’t influence, though, was the number of incidents and controversial outcomes on the track. A quick analysis shows that, on top of 168 scheduled races, there were 92 stoppages and reruns, of which 19 were for jump starts, 28 for what used to be called crossover, 26 for first corner incidents, 16 for other racing incidents, 2 for rollovers (there were actually three rolls but one was after a race had already been red flagged!), and thankfully just one completed race rerun after a complaint. The worst behaved class (statistically!) was Class 6, with a 114% rerun rate; the best was Class 5 with 10% (just one rerun of the final). Only Classes 1 and 3 completed their finals at the first attempt, although Class 3 earlier saw the weekend’s most damaging pile-up. Of the 388 cars/drivers entered, 346 turned up to race.

Full results can be downloaded here:

(if the PDF doesn't work you can download the Excel file here)

And here's a quick class by class run down:

CLASS 1: most of the incidents in the heats took place behind the evenly matched front runners. Alice Hughes, Missy Moseley and Kirsty Empson were joint top scorers and it was alice who led the final all the way, under great pressure from Missy until Missy’s last corner bid for the lead (she had to try it!) opened up a gap for Alice Bevans to steal second, with Ash Bryan a close fourth.

CLASS 2: top scorer Michelle Arnett took the lead in the short lived final, then had her gearbox break pulling away at the start of the rerun. However, two more reruns later she was a clear winner, by which time three more leaders had come to grief; Laura Canning and Katie Jones dived heavily into the armco and Beth Tomkinson launched into a massive roll. At the fourth attempt Sarah Carden chased Michelle home, but a green flag for hitting cones dropped her to fourth behind Emily Empson and Jess Roberts.

CLASS 3: Four of the thirteen starters were wiped out in one crash on Saturday, although Lianne Teather’s car was somehow straightened overnight. Top qualifier Jo Thompson pulled away in front as Donna Brown spun out of second. Lianne came through for second but a green flag for cone clipping promoted the MAP pair of Gemma Fullard and Robyn King to very creditable second and third places.

CLASS 4: Alice Bevans (in Rob Corbett’s Micra), Donna Forrest and Claire Lancaster all looked very fast in the heats, while there was as much interest in the battle to avoid being the unlucky ninth qualifier in the nine car field. Donna and Claire were both unlucky to be eliminated from the final, while Alice couldn’t hold off the hard charging Mini drivers. Katie Benson took the Slimspeed mini to a popular win, just holding off Nicola Bettoney, while Alice snatched third back from Claire Blackman on the last corner.

CLASS 5: While multiple champions Nicola Jesse and Sandra Jones battled through the heats, Michelle Phillips emerged as top scorer. The final was stopped when the armco jumped out at Sarah Chilvers at the start, leading to a moment’s panic as the leaders missed the red flags. Sandra Jones led the rerun all the way; Di Sunley spun out of third and Claire Winnall lost second on the last corner after losing her exhaust and Sarah Bateman brought the A-Series powered Mini through to second with Sarah Chilvers snatching third from Nicola Jesse.

CLASS 6: Most others had dramas in the heats, but Sarah Haigh, at the wheel of the Aaron Cavagin car, didn’t put a wheel wrong. Sarah Carden was the other favourite, but was thrown out of the final for a too quick start and after three reruns Sarah Haigh held off defending champion Katie Sunley, with Tina Hilton’s Clio spoiling the Yorkshire Dales party as she took third from Yvonne Dockray.

CLASS 7: The drama here included two final qualifiers, Vicky Appleton in the Craig Dykes car and Lyndsey Allen, dropping out after engine problems in the last heat, while Tracey Victory controversially missed out after her effort to salvage a finish in her last heat wasn’t recognised. Laura Blaber’s V8 and Nicolas Mackenzie’s single bike-powered Mini were both unbeaten but as Nicola was well on her way to a repeat final win, the reds came out after a collision knocked Laura’s rear suspension awry. The rerun saw Charlotte Pugh leading all the way, chased by Nicola and Jo Thompson while Lisa Reynolds lost fourth to Katie Griffiths on the last lap.

CLASS 8: A couple of first corner tangles meant the final was the last of the day to be completed, but it didn’t distract Sandra Jones, who was unbeaten in her heats and went on to claim her second National title of the day. Emily Gill was on top form all weekend and took a fine second ahead of Katie Lockwood and Sally Stratton. The only other unbeaten driver was Vicky Appleton but her bad luck on Sunday continued with a roll as the red flags were thrown in her last heat, causing her to narrowly miss out on a final place.

CLASS 9: Emily Gill went even better than in her 8, taking father “Wiggy’s” car to three convincing heat wins, rivalled by Di Jones in the Sam Gould car, who had two wins and a visit to the armco. Tracey Aldridge brought the reds out when a clash of wheels spun her out of the final lead. On the rerun Di Jones led all the way, chased by Emily Gill, with Katie Lockwood and Tina Hilton also picking up their second trophies of the weekend, in third and fourth – six of the eight finalists were contesting their second class.

CLASS 10: The heat results were a mixed bag, with Jade Russell showing the most consistency to head the points. Second qualifier Nicola Mackenzie, in Liam Evans’ National-winning car, was chucked out after a startline tangle in the final. Lynn Johnston led the rerun away but was gently nudged wide as Jade came through to retain her title, and take the first National win for a diesel-powered car. Lynn took second from Di Jones and Libby Cornwell.

JUNIORS: The 87 starters (61 Minis, 25 Micras and one AX) were sorted out by 33 heats and 25 reruns before the top 32 went forward to quarter and semi finals (6 races and 7 reruns!). The three favourites, Jake Bartlett, Rhys Griffiths and Daffyd Jones, all went through their heats unbeaten, but after the elimination races Jake was the only one who hadn’t been headed. Then a fractional anticipation of the start saw Jake thrown out as the final was stopped with Rhys tanging with cousin Kieran Griffiths. Rhys then shook off a challenge from Senna Proctor to lead the final all the way, chased by Dafydd, with Kieran getting the better of Micky Ashby and Senna for third.

JUNIOR SPECIALS: The 57-strong Specials field did better than the saloons, with only 50% of their races getting stopped! Jack Joyce, Matt Bishop and Travis Kirk were all unbeaten in their heats, with Jack Joyce and Jack Creaven winning the semis. After two stoppages, Matt Bishop took the final lead away from Jack Joyce and the Wessex boy’s strong title bid ended as his car ground to a halt, leaving Matt way out in front. Jack Creaven came through to second, but lost the place in the scrutineering bay due to a sad mistake by his engine builder. Dan Chapman then took a creditable second in his first Nationals, from Ellie Lockwood and Matt Owen.

CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS: A disappointing turnout of six cars, with no Specials coming out, but perhaps they all knew that Sandra Jones would be uncatchable on her way to her fourth Champion of Champions title. Michelle Arnett held on well for second ahead of Charlotte Pugh and Sarah Haigh.

Naturally there was no other NASA racing on the Nationals weekend, so it was left to SEGTO at HORNDEAN and BALLYSHANNON Hot Rod Club in Ireland to provide the alternative racing.


The 43rd annual running of the classic Fastest Man on Grass Championship at Sturton & Stow Motor Sports Club's Caenby corner track gave Chris Allanson his fourth win in the main event, but more significantly the first major championship title for a disel powered car in Autograss. The Fastest Lady on Grass title went to Laura Makar in her Class 8 while the Fastest Junior title was won by Jake Bartlett. The turnout for the event was halved from recent years following the arrival of a clashing event at Yorkshire Dales, drawing drivers from the same catchment area, but although the numbers were down and there were relatively few "big names" among the entry, the event was none the worse for that, and proved the most enjoyable for some time. Overnight rain undid a lot of the Sturton club's good work on the track preparation for the first day, but by Monday the track was again in perfect condition and some excellent racing resulted in the warm sunshine.


Unluckiest family at the Fastest Man were Robert and Harry Milnes. Robert featured in a double Stock Hatch roll with Chris Adams, but was back trackside just in time to see son Harry nudged into a big roll in his Junior Mini. Harry turned out at the Nationals a week later in Jack Parker's car - and rolled that too!

The additional YORKSHIRE DALES fixture, that took the Yorkshire Open title from the established two day meeting that was to be held two weeks later, attracted a similar turnout to the Sturton event, which meant that by far the biggest of the Bank Holiday meetings was the BORDER COUNTIES three day Festival, making a welcome return to the calendar on possibly the fastest track ever used for an Autograss meeting.

The usual southern Bank Holiday alternatives fell by the wayside; the Southern League's event having been brought forward a week to incorporate a UKAC round, while INVICTA KENT's meeting was rained off due to rain of monsoon proportions that fell all day on Saturday. The rain also hit the Rolling Thunder show's event at ARENA ESSEX where, despite the flooded pits and infield, the aptly named Lakeside Cup meeting went ahead with reduced numbers but close racing in most classes, braving probably the heaviest rain we've ever witnessed at a race meeting. In Ireland, CARLOW ran their own take on the Fastest Man on Grass, with Keith Kelly continuing his successful season in Class 7 to take the main title, while Louise Browne won the Noel Hutton Ladies' Cup. The SCOTTISH LEAGUE was also in action and SEGTO meetings ran at TONGHAM and STANDLAKE.


SUPERSTOX LAKESIDE CUP: 1st 876 Stuart Moss 2nd 269 Will Brown 3rd 82 Steve Rickard. OUTLAW HOT RODS: 1st 112 Charlie Schembri. 1450 HOT RODS: 1st 313 Lewis Court 2nd 51 Richard Miles 3rd 427 Neil Higgins. EURO RODS: 1st 2 Dean Webster 2nd 385 Tim Ashton-Jones 3rd 20 Michael Goddard. RTS PICKUPS: 1st 42 Dan Guidotti 2nd 31 Dave Follett 3rd 157 Matt McMahon. STREET STOX: 1st 734 Tyrone Goodchild 2nd 181 Andy Reynolds 3rd 119 Tony Martin. JUNIOR HOT RODS: 1st 764 Georgina Goodchild 2nd 113 Lauren Simmons 3rd 50 Sian Watkins. MINI SPRINTS: 1st 2 Albert Webster 2nd 311 Jack Simmons 3rd 449 Bradley Green.


AUGUST 17/18 .... After the cancellation of the Solway BAS round and Gloucester's club meeting, the Southern League was left with the only NASA meeting of the weekend, round 4 of the UKAC at Bearley Raceway. With a rush of late entries, offset by a few non-arrivals, around 350 drivers signed on, and despite mixed weather conditions the meeting proved a huge success for organisers, racers and spectators alike.


Although there was also no NASA racing scheduled in Ireland, there was an alternative as one of the best established of the many independent dirt Hot Rod clubs in Ireland, BALLYSHANNON HOT ROD CLUB, were staging a two day meeting at their very popular and well maintained venue in County Kildare. With three rounds of racing starting at a relaxed 5 pm on Saturday, followed by four more rounds on Sunday afternoon before the main trophy races, the strong turnout of local racers got plenty of action. The meeting was dominated by the Juniors, who made up half the total entry and had to be split into five sub-classes, graded on performance and experience. David Heffernan took his 1-litre Micra, which has been doubling very successfully as a NASA Class 4, to victory in the Martin Callan Memorial Cup race, while Stefan Geoghegan and Keith Donohue won the main Junior trophies and Vanessa Heffernan took the Ladies' cup.

CLASS 1 (1000cc): 1st 87 David Heffernan (Micra K11 16v) 2nd 37 Pa Gorman (Micra K11 16v) 3rd 276 Karl Delaney (Micra K11 16v). CLASS 2 (1300cc): 1st 272 Shane Smuth (Micra K10 16v) 2nd 19 Dylan Roche (Micra K10 8v) 3rd 420 Eric Finn (Micra K10 16v). CLASS 3 (1400cc): 1st Nigel Dooley (Starlet Honda 16v) 2nd 137 Kevin McNamara (Starlet Honda 16v) 3rd 100 Darren Walsh (Starlet Honda 16v). CLASS 4 (1600cc): 1st 101 Sox Coyne (Civic Vtec) 2nd 17 Frankie O'Neill (Micra K11 16v) 3rd 11 William Conlon (Starlet Toyota 16v). CLASS 5 (2000cc): 1st 727 Danny O'Neill (Honda Prelude) 2nd 24 Evan Curran (Cinquecento Twin GSXR) 3rd 157 Philip Flaherty (AX Honda Vtec). SPECIALS: 1st 52 Mickey McManus (ARD Hayabusa) 2nd 23 Eamonn O'Brien Sr (Leech Twin GSXR) 3rd 66 Eamonn O'Brien Jr (ARD Hayabusa). JUNIORS A: 1st 18 PJ Cronly(Micra K10 16v) 2nd 191 Steven Ryan (Micra K10 16v) 3rd 10 Cillian Gill (Micra K10 16v). JUNIORS B: 1st 22 Stefan Geoghegan (Starlet 70 12v) 2nd 27 Keith Ryan (Micra K11 16v) 3rd 53 Cecil Doyle (Micra K10 16v). JUNIORS C: 1st 72 Dillon Broderick (Starlet 70 12v) 2nd 1110 Jamie Coyne (Seicento Nissan 16v) 3rd 747 PJ O'Neill (Micra K11 16v). JUNIORS D: 1st 176 TJ Doran (Micra K10 16v) 2nd 16 Jamie Lyons (Micra K10 16v) 3rd 824 Shane Duggan (Micra K11 16v). JUNIORS E: 1st 717 Keith Donohue (Micra K11 16v) 2nd 14 Daniel Daly (Micra K11 16v) 3rd 64 Mark Burke (Micra K10 8v). JUNIOR SPECIALS: 1st 47 Ciaran Behan. LADIES: 1st 70 Vanessa Heffernan (Micra K10 16v) 2nd 7 Chloe Heffernan (Micra K10 16v) 3td 276 Lauren Delaney (Micra K11 16v). JUNIOR CUP RACE A: 1st 22 Steffan Geoghegan 2nd 18 PJ Cronly 3rd 191 Steven Ryan. JUNIOR CUP RACE B: 1st 717 Keith Donohue 2nd 136 Charlie Devine (Starlet 70 12v) 3rd 14 Daniel Daly. MARTIN CALLAN CUP: 1st 87 David Heffernan 2nd 51 Nigel Dooley 3rd 119 Dylan Roche.


WEST WATERFORD's August meeting is always one of the best supported single day meetings in Ireland, with the Nicky Hannigan and Sheila Oakham Memorial Trophies to be raced for. This year the lure of the big trophies attracted a much better turnout than recent Irish club meetings have seen, and an excellent day's racing ensued, in fine conditions with dust being the main problem. This meeting's seen as a warm-up for Ireland's biggest annual event, the All Ireland Finals and Irish Fastest Person on Grass, taking place on West Waterford's Ballysaggart track on September 7/8.


CLASS 1: 1st MA358 Ricky Houlihan 2nd WW215 Kayne Cunningham 3rd WW216 James Daly. CLASS 1A: 1st CW7 Ryan Mulroy 2nd CK123 Michael O’Mahony 3rd CW501 James Boland. CLASS 2: 1st CK7 Steven White 2nd CW346 Aiden Murphy 3rd CK96 Stephen O’Neill. CLASS 3: 1st WW821 Yvonne Kearns. CLASS 4: 1st WW59 Mike Fuller 2nd WW921 Brian Kearns 3rd WW50 Jim Hayde. CLASS 5: 1st CW35 Gerard Masterson 2nd WW325 Dermot Kelly. CLASS 6: 1st MA183 Declan Browne 2nd WW261 Paul Devine 3rd WW89 Michael Kelly.  CLASS 7: 1st CW162 Kevin Roche 2nd WW998 Patrick Sheehy 3rd CW135 Eamonn Kelly. CLASS 8: 1st DA117 Davy Curran 2nd DA52 Mike McManus 3rd CW43 Joe Kehoe. CLASS 9: 1st WW399 John Fuller 2nd WW252 Shane Houlihan. CLASS 10: 1st WW318 Martin Browne 2nd WW143 Gavin Tivy 3rd WW194 Alan Long. F600: 1st WW323 James McNamara . LADIES: 1st WW319 Louise Browne 2nd CW12 Chelsea Brady 3rd MA48 Nicole O’Brien. JUNIORS CLASS 1: 1st CK6 Jamie White 2nd CW2 Courtney Brady 3rd WW217 Mikey Daly. JUNIORS CLASS 1A: 1st MA290 Dylan Browne 2nd CK123 Cian O’Mahony 3rd WW180 Ciaran Nugent. JUNIOR SPECIALS: 1st MA155 Jack Creaven 2nd CW11 Cillian Doherty 3rd CW160 Liam Roche. WINNERS RACE: 1st CW162 Kevin Roche 2nd MA183 Declan Browne 3rd CK7 Steven White.

Friends and family of Nicky Hannigan presented the trophy to Kevin Roche, and Dylan Browne received the Sheila Oakham Memorial Trophy from West waterford president JP Houlihan.


The 2013 SEGTO championship reached its climax at ARENA ESSEX on Saturday night. This year’s series comprised four rounds on four different surfaces, starting on concrete at Standlake Arena, and moving on via Horndean’s chalk and Tongham’s dirt to the Essex tarmac. A good turnout from all the SEGTO clubs resulted in a hectic and action packed night’s racing – all the regular Rolling Thunder Show classes were also in action, giving effectively two meetings for the price of one, with an amazing 39 races crammed into the evening.

Production A was close fought, but nobody could catch Jordan Beardsall, newly promoted from the Juniors. Ricky Wareham won the Prod B final, although points leader Keri Stockham took a close win in her first heat. A smaller entry in Mod C saw Jonathan Chappell hold off points leader Leanne Page. A combined grid of 1450 Hot Rods and Super Saloons produced fast and furious racing all night, which got a little too fraught at the end, resulting in the exclusion of Standlake pair Andy and Jason Garrad’s rapid FWD Novas, leaving Martin Faherty at the head of a Super Saloon result still dominated by the Standlake drivers. Jody Withers defended her position at the head of the 1450 points by battling all night with brother Ian. The Specials provided plenty of sideways action with the NASA-style car of John Smith holding off Bradley Lock. The Juniors saw a great battle between the Minis of the Standlake drivers and the Novas that dominate on the dirt tracks, with Michael Barber’s immaculate Mini making a last corner bid for the win.


PRODUCTION A: 1st T22 Jordan Beardsall 2nd T14 Jason Woodgate 3rd X62 Les Hatch. PRODUCTION B: 1st T608 Ricky Wareham 2nd S312 Macaulay Johnsey 3rd T109 Pete Barber. MODSALOON C: 1st T136 Jonathan Chappell 2nd T165 Leanne Page 3rd T16 Barney Hayhoe. 1450 HOT RODS: 1st T154 Ian Withers 2nd T292 Jody Withers 3rd S60 Mick Worrall. SUPER SALOONS: 1st X362 Martin Faherty 2nd X61 Keith Passey 3rd X517 Darren McFarland. SPECIALS: 1st T916 John Smith 2nd S114 Bradley Lock 3rd T2 Sam Hartley. JUNIORS: 1st X296 Michael Barber 2nd T24 Archie Terrill 3rd X808 Robert Wakelin.




EURO RODS THAMES GATEWAY CUP: 1st 96 Aaron Osborne 2nd 599 John Hendy Jr 3rd 100 Peter Hilliard. SUPERSTOX: 1st 566 Jordan Salmon 2nd 874 Neil Moss 3rd 82 Steve Rickard. OUTLAW HOT RODS: 1st 12 Mark Cooke 2nd 287 Greg Moore 3rd 112 Charlie Schembri. SUPER RODS: 1st 711 Danny Ellis 2nd 32 Wayne Hearn 3rd 341 Jason Osborne. STOCK RODS: 1st 17 Michael Benstead 2nd 30 Mark Martin 3rd 135 Tony Rolfe. RTS PICKUPS: 1st 135 Clinton Groom 2nd 212 Richard Ambrose 3rd 42 Dan Guidotti. JUNIOR HOT RODS: 1st 217 Harry Smith 2nd 223 Harry Richardson 3rd 71 Dylan Ellis.  STREET STOX: 1st 96 Dave Measday 2nd 734 Tyrone Goodchild 3rd 181 Andy Reynolds. MINI SPRINTS: 1st 299 Harley Burns 2nd 24 Corben Lord 3rd 842 Keaton Ivins.


Note: Euro Rods 96 and 100 have been excluded after post race scrutineering; only official result is 1st 599.

The NASA racing programme was heavily biased towards the south east, with events scheduled at INVICTA, CONCORD, CAMBRIDGE, SPALDING and TRENT, although Spalding opted out of clashing with all their neighbours. Despite only half a dozen out of league cars, Cambridge attracted a good 80-strong entry and, although the humid but breezy conditions meant the track had to be heavily watered, nobody opted to test the newly installed armco.  Unfortunately a few did visit the remainder of the fence, while Anna Sheward’s Class 7 completely cleared the fence in a massive roll – best wishes to Anna for a speedy recovery.

YORK also ran a well attended club meeting, but the weekend’s biggest event was PENNINE’s Keith Kent Memorial, which as the only meeting in easy reach from the more westerly clubs attracted a record 162 entries, with entries ranging from Yate & Sodbury to Yorkshire Dales, and including a guest appearance by new class 9 Champ Sam Gould in John Gaffney’s Class 10. The SCOTTISH LEAGUE enjoyed maybe their most successful event yet at Avonbridge, and CAUSEWAY had a another very promising meeting at the new Bond’s Glen Raceway, while WEST WATERFORD staged their annual memorial trophy meeting; the Nicky Hannigan Trophy went to Class 7 man Kevin Roche while the Sheila Oakham Trophy was won by Junior Class 1A contender Dylan Browne.


CLASS 1: 1st SN12 Thomas Hall 2nd SN203 Nathan Teather 3rd SN164 Alex Hill. CLASS 2: 1st SN450 Tony McKenna 2nd SN31 Chris Parsons 3rd SN405 Jason Thomas. CLASS 3: 1st SN269 Dave George 2nd CA546 Adam Saint 3rd SN208 Andrew Empson. CLASS 4: 1st CA242 Gary Pemberton . CLASS 5: 1st CA41 Ady Green 2nd SN123 Ken Smith 3rd CA56 Darron Williams. CLASS 6: 1st SN207 Tony Teather 2nd CA121 Adam Golding 3rd SN51 Aly Ashmore.  CLASS 7: 1st SP141 Vernon Mackenzie 2nd SN166 John Newland 3rd SN11 Ash Howard. CLASS 8: 1st 2nd 3rd . CLASS 9: 1st SN73 Matt Tibbitts 2nd T14 Colin Rogers 3rd CA98 Lee Forster. CLASS 10: 1st SN19 Josh Hassell. STOCK HATCH: 1st CA120 Richard Golding 2nd CA60 Brandon Forster. CLASS 11: 1st SN18 Gabby Tillson 2nd SN288 Hayley Empson 3rd SN64 Abiee Hill. CLASS 12: 1st SN123 Linda Smith. CLASS 13: 1st SP141 Nicola Mackenzie 2nd C266E Lianne Teather. CLASS 14: 1st NS120 Nicola Mackenzie 2nd CA647 Beth Marjoram. JUNIORS: 1st SN201 Jake Bartlett 2nd SN617 Rob Baker 3rd CA66 Andy Golding. JUNIOR SPECIALS: 1st SN2 Josh Howard 2nd SN23 Alex Puddiphatt. EAST ANGLIAN OPEN: 1st SN10 Mark Empson 2nd SN19 Josh Hassell 3rd SN286 Clint Platfoot. JUNIORS’ OPEN: 1st SN2 Josh Howard 2nd SN23 Alex Puddiphatt 3rd CA30 Jasmine Randall.


CLASS 1: 1st P28EM Phil Barleyman 2nd P65EM Steve Heath 3rd P37EM Lyndsey Allen. CLASS 2: 1st P7EM Ben Gadsby 2nd P12EM John Gadsby 3rd T8 Jay Neville. CLASS 3: 1st NW49 Paul Cosby 2nd R388 Lee Wakefield 3rd P505EM Graham Gregory. CLASS 4: 1st NW666 Jody Hardman 2nd P33EM Jason Clews 3rd E151 Chris Young. CLASS 5: 1st C5 Barry Williams 2nd P24EM Brian Wright 3rd S97Y Josh Simpson. CLASS 6: 1st N10 Martyn Janes 2nd P112EM Ben Gadsby 3rd P70EM Jordan Hampson.  CLASS 7: 1st SC99 Andy Kershaw 2nd ARC91 Gary Moore 3rd P26EM John Cottrill. CLASS 8: 1st ARC18 Ian Spencer 2nd M111 Ben Harper 3rd NW105 Paul Jones. CLASS 9: 1st ARC19 Ian Spencer 2nd SR98 Chuck Jones 3rd N54 John Boaden. CLASS 10: 1st SC21 Alex Kershaw 2nd ARC9 Gareth Hankey 3rd P187EM Gareth Stokes. STOCK HATCH: 1st P119EM Ady Bennett 2nd P616EM Andy Whitmore 3rd N363 Barry Wasley. F600: 1st N25 Ian Smith 2nd N55 Andy Clarke 3rd LM75 Dave Littler. CLASS 11: 1st L15 Lisa Branston 2nd L5 Carla Branston 3rd L254 Mandy Cashmore. CLASS 12: 1st LM610 Mandy Kennedy 2nd L681 Rachel Hinton. CLASS 14: 1st M11 Barbara Harper 2nd NW81 Sheena Thompson 3rd ARC25 Charlene Hankey. JUNIORS: 1st P170EM Chloe Hampson 2nd P56EM Dan Heath 3rd E12 Jake Bailey. JUNIOR SPECIALS: 1st NW45 Tom Borman 2nd NW47 Dan Borman 3rd NS115 Matt Owen.


The 2013 National Autograss Championship, hosted by the Wiltshire League on the “borrowed” Severn Valley Withington track, was a meeting of two halves. Saturday’s racing was delayed to allow the track to dry out from the torrential storms that hit the venue on Friday night, but once away everyone enjoyed a day of fast and furious action, in warm sunshine, on a track that was at its very best – never over-watered but never too dusty. The time lost at the start was soon made up but later on inevitably the careful track watering cost time, and the number of reruns generated by the Class 2s and 8s in particular, meant that time ran out and the Class 10s’ second runs were deferred until Sunday.


The local weather experts had been right on Saturday, as the forecast rain never reached the track, but they weren’t so optimistic about Sunday. The rain started falling just before the racing started and continued with only the briefest respite until long after the trophies had been presented and the scrutineering tent cleared. For all we know, it’s probably still raining at Withington now!


Sunday got off to a slightly chaotic start when many of the Class 10s weren’t ready to be out early, but after a spate of reruns early on, the rain got worse and from Class 5 onwards every heat was a survival challenge, mostly with drastically thinned out grids. At one point eventual Class 9 Champ Sam Gould completed five laps all on his own!  For a while there was a fascination in watching drivers experiment with lines that varied from a slow trickle round the outside, to bouncing as hard as possible off the armco, but eventually the standing water on the track got so deep that a steady line round the cones was the only way to go. By then, the track had shrunk to its shortest ever configuration, and the finals were cut to six laps.  However, in the end we had deserving new Champions in nine of the classes, only Huw Jones in Class 4 succeeding in defending his 2012 title.


The weather can’t hide the fact that the Wiltshire League did a superb job of hosting the event in a friendly and relaxed style, helped along by the close co-operation of Severn Valley’s track experts. The marshalling team and other officials were the other heroes of the event for their feat of endurance in seeing the meeting through to a successful, if soggy, finish.


Here's a quick run down of the classes:


CLASS 1: Craig Bagley was fairly dominant throughout , only beaten in his second heat by defending champ Josh Fowler.  Sarah Trott also stood out with wins in both her dry heats. Sarah headed the final away but came unstuck on the first lap. The race was rerun without Sarah  or Arron Sharp and Craig held off Daniel Robins all the way. Josh was black flagged for hitting cones and when he pulled off he took Matt Scourfield with him, leaving Ash Robinson and Ollie Burley third and fourth.

CLASS 2: Shropshire pair Mat Morris and Lee Evason were unbeaten in their dry heats and survived their wet ones to sandwich Jonny Barber at the head of the points, while late entry Aiden O’Neill was close to reproducing last year’s form. Mat Morris was in a safe looking lead when the final was eventually stopped after a first corner incident involving Jonny Barber. Mat led the rerun away but came to a temporary halt, after which Jonny Barber ran away to win. Matt Sawyer pulled out of second in the closing stages and Lee Evason took the place from Mat Morris and Aiden O’Neill.

CLASS 3: Although Martin Gould was unbeaten in the heats, hot on his heels was Adrian Joyce, putting in his usual strong Nationals showing, while crowd favourite Ed Lloyd in the V8 A35 brought back memories of the early ‘90s as he battled with Ged Power. The final was stopped on the first corner, with a halfshaft ripped out of Martin Gould’s car, and the multiple champ was missing from the rerun. At last Adrian Joyce’s luck held and Joycer took a popular win as Paul Cusack just snatched second from impressive Nationals debutant Andrew Empson, with Ed Lloyd wrestling the A35 to fourth.

CLASS 4: The expected battle of the Micras was thwarted when Rob Corbett’s super-reliable car dropped out of the first race thanks to a new rose joint breaking. How Jones, however, came through his heats in good shape despite a few problems on Saturday afternoon, while Nicky Williams’ Fiat headed the standings. In the final Huw fought off Nicky’s challenge to take his second title, while Adam Henley was best of the five Minis to make the final, taking third from local boy Mike Jones.

CLASS 5: Jabez Smith looked unbeatable in his two dry heats and took a more steady win in his wet one, while the other star of qualifying was St Neots club racer Ken Smith, who took wins in both dry and wet heats. The final ran its distance at the first attempt, with Jabez leading away but quickly losing out to Graham Cleal, who then held off the local star all the way. Young James Kent repeatedly closed in to challenge the leaders; there was no way past but it was a great result for Ireland with the Wexford boy in third followed home by Donegal’s John Wilde.

CLASS 6: Ben Gould and Andrew Smith headed the points, but ten different drivers won heats, including Martyn James, whose two wins didn’t get him into the final, and Class 6 new boy Andy Russell, who was also among the five double winners. Andy was among several who lost out in a chaotic first lap; Andrew Smith emerged in front but young Nicky Newton squeezed past and then held on for an extremely impressive win, while a penalty for hitting the cones dropped Andrew to fourth behind Ben Gould and defending champ Jason Ballantyne.

CLASS 7: After winning the best turned out car award, Andy Holtby was on top form all weekend, looking unstoppable in both wet and dry conditions after some great battles with Jake Roberts. Mark Grice was also unbeaten through the heats, while Phil Cooper would have done likewise if he hadn’t been up against Holtby in his third heat! Afie Smith was on top form on home ground, Graham Blackburn was typically always there and Lyndon George put in maybe his best Class 7 showing to make the final. In the end, though, it was all about Andy Holtby, who didn’t put a wheel wrong, keeping his head when he came up behind fourth placed Gareth Thomas on the last lap; Phil Cooper and Graham Blackburn closed right up in second and third while Gareth Thomas held onto fourth.

CLASS 8: There was plenty of wheel banging and numerous reruns through Saturday’s heats, while over half the field opted to stay dry on Sunday. Taking an unbeaten run at the front was Cameron Mills, with Mike Holroyd qualifying second, Bryn Hawkins having an impressive run to third in the points and Steve Mills close behind his flying son in fourth. After a messy start to the final, they all got away on the second attempt, with Cameron Mills leading all the way to win, despite constant pressure from Phil Cooper. Daz Mullen came home third from Mike Holroyd.

CLASS 9: Sam Gould’s solo run on Sunday just added to two hard fought wins on Saturday, to put him at the top of the points chart, just, from defending champ Andy Hornshaw. Ian Spencer was looking good with dry and wet wins, although John Whitehouse was within yards of an assured final place when his car cut out in the last heat. An outstanding showing came from Matty Jones who qualified with three seconds and two engines – Andy Kershaw coming to the rescue with a spare engine that was fitted to the Welshman’s car overnight. Mike Liddiatt did well to make the final, but was sent spinning at the start. Jason Richardson briefly led, but Sam Gould took over, chased by Matty Jones and Andy Hornshaw, who soon pulled out. Sam went on to win with Matty second from Mike Liddiatt and Ian Spencer.

CLASS 10: The Tens drew the short straw, only getting one heat in Saturday’s fine weather. The qualifying points were hence all over the place, apart from Lee Seareaves topping the charts with three wins. Paul Coles was a double winner and Andy Hornshaw made it with two wins and a black flag. Unluckiest of all was probably Phil Young, who took a fine win in his last heat only to miss the final by one place thanks to a green flag that he’d been unaware of from his first race. However, come the final Liam Evans shot into the lead and controlled the pace thereafter to win from Lee Seagreaves. Richard Merrick took his “vintage” car to third, but Dickster picked up a green flag, while the others gave the lap scorers an impossible task. A result was eventually forensically reconstructed with Lance Bowen in third from Paul Coles.

CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS: The laps were reduced and only eight out of eleven cars came out, but there never seemed to be any chance of Craig Bagley being caught. Liam Evans made short work of the rest, taking second within two laps, but then dropped back as Graham Cleal took second from Huw Jones and Nicky Newton.


JULY 27/28 ... CORK’s two day “Fastest Junior on Grass” meeting has a history of controversial finishes, and this year was no exception with Cian O’Mahony having to win the title race twice before claiming the trophy. Cian, after making his name in Class 1A, had acquired a “bubble” Micra which will be his ticket to this year’s Junior Nationals and used the new car to win the final race of the weekend, only to be called back to do it again as the original race hadn’t run the full number of laps. Eoghan O’Neill beat Cian in the “boxy” Micras in Class 1A while Eoghan, another Junior doing double duty, was also runner-up in the Junior specials to Liam Roche, who was unlucky to crash out of the final rerun. 

Although the weekend was all about the three closely contested Junior classes, there was plenty of interest among the small but select field in the other classes. Eamon Kelly’s trip to Cork involved two ferry crossings, a visit to Hereford to purchase the ex-Endaf Owens Class 7 Mini Traveller, a three hour delay at Pembroke, a stop-off at Jimmy Keating’s Wexford premises to replace all the missing bits on his new acquisition and finally a class win that earned him a very special trophy – a bag of Clonakilty black puddings and sausages that should help him recover from the gruelling weekend. Bozena Jodlovska’s first ever meeting brought two visits to the fence, but a first place trophy as well.

Otherwise the main topic of conversation was the weather. After a week when the south of Ireland had experienced totally unpredictable combinations of hot sunshine and torrential rain, the Castletown-Kenneigh track successfully avoided the downpours until Saturday, when four heats were completed on a fine evening. Two hours of torrential rain on Sunday morning changed all that, but the track still produced excellent racing despite the programme being interrupted by another prolonged downpour during the finals.


CLASS 1A: 1st CK123 Michael O’Mahony 2nd CK456 Barry McCarthy 3rd CK32 Gary Shannon. CLASS 2: 1st CK7 Steven White 2nd CK96 Stephen O’Neill 3rd MA30 Aiden O’Neill. CLASS 4: 1st CK53 Sean Leahy. CLASS 5: 1st CK50 Declan McCarthy. CLASS 6: 1st CK138 Lian Eyre.  CLASS 7: 1st CW135 Eamon Kelly 2nd CW247 Keith Kelly. CLASS 8: 1st CW43 Joe Kehoe. CLASS 9: 1st CW37 Sean Lambert. FORMULA 600: 1st WW323 James McNamara. LADIES: 1st CK456 Bozena Jodlowska 2nd CK43 Orla Galvin. JUNIORS CLASS 1: 1st CL321 Cian O’Mahony 2nd CW96 Lee Mulroy 3rd CK6 Jamie White. JUNIORS CLASS 1A: 1st CK296 Eoghan O’Neill 2nd CK123 Cian O’Mahony 3rd CK51 Fionan Leahy. JUNIOR SPECIALS: 1st CW160 Liam Roche 2nd CK36 Eoghan O’Neill 3rd CW935 Kevin O’Donohue. FASTEST JUNIOR ON GRASS: 1st CK321 Cian O’Mahony 2nd CK296 Eoghan O’Neill 3rd CW935 Kevin O’Donohue.

Elsewhere - the week before the Nationals normally features the King of the Hill meeting at BREDON HILL, but planning restrictions meant that didn't take place this year. MELTON's Junior Challenge meeting was also cancelled due to track improvements in progress. NORTH WALES cancelled to conserve water supplies and SOLWAY cancelled when too much water arrived. PENHOW had a good attendance for their 50th anniversary meeting at Magor; TRENT welcomed the F600s to the busiest meeting yet at their superb new venue and SCARBOROUGH also had a successful meeting, featuring the final round of the Northern Super Saloons series. This week's SEGTO action was at TONGHAM.


The Araglin Carnival is a unique event in current Autograss racing, when the West Waterford club once a year leaves its home track in Ballysaggart and moves a few miles further up into the Knockmealdown Mountains to join in the ten day long Carnival, now in its 55th year. The long, narrow track running around the community sports field always provides entertaining racing for the big crowd of spectators who gather to watch from the bank high above the track. This year's event proved that large numbers of cars aren't necessary to produce exciting racing, and a full day came to a dramatic close when Stephen O'Neill's Class 2 Micra, James Sinnott's Class 6 and Shane Houlihan's Class 9 went three-abreast into the last corner of the Champion of Champions race; Shane briefly took the lead but ran out of track as James Sinnott took the flag, and the coveted Tim Barry Trophy. Carlow also took the main Junior trophy, which went to Courtney Brady.


CLASS 1: 1st WW36 John Fuller 2nd WW216 James Daly 3rd WW215 Kayne Cunningham. CLASS 1A: 1st WW300 Nicholas O’Leary 2nd CK123 Michael O’Mahony 3rd CK32 Gary Shannon . CLASS 2: 1st CK96 Stephen O’Neill 2nd WW53 Paddy Nugent 3rd CW22 Shane Farrell. CLASS 3: 1st CW777 James Lee 2nd WW821 Yvonne Kearns 3rd MA211 Séamus O’Riordan. CLASS 4: 1st WW59 Mike Fuller 2nd WW50 Jim Hayde. CLASS 5: 1st CW12 James Brady. CLASS 6: 1st WW261 Paul Devine 2nd CW174 James Sinnott 3rd WW89 Mike Kelly.  CLASS 7: 1st WW998 Patrick Sheehy 2nd WW194 Alan Long. CLASS 8: 1st WW43 Sean O’Grady 2nd WW10 Martin Feeney. CLASS 9: 1st WW252 Shane Houlihan. CLASS 10: 1st WW5 JP Houlihan. FORMULA 600: 1st WW77 Kevin Keating. JUNIORS CLASS 1: 1st CW2 Courtney Brady 2nd WW217 Mikey Daly 3rd MA495 Dean Browne. JUNIORS CLASS 1A: 1st CL123 Cian O’Mahony 2nd MA290 Dylan Browne. JUNIOR SPECIALS: 1st CK36 Eoghan O’Neill 2nd WW192 Aaron Long 3rd WW196 Corey Mackessy. UNMODIFIED HANDICAP: 1st CK96 Stephen O’Neill 2nd CK123 Michael O’Mahony 3rd WW215 Kayne Cunningham. MODIFIED HANDICAP: 1st WW89 Mike Kelly 2nd WW252 Shane Houlihan 3rd WW261 Paul Devine. JUNIORS HANDICAP: 1st CK123 Cian O’Mahony 2nd MA290 Dylan Browne 3rd WW217 Mike Daly. JUNIOR SPECIALS HANDICAP: 1st CK36 Eoghan O’Neill 2nd WW192 Aaron Long 3rd WW196 Corey Mackessy. WINNERS’ RACE: 1st CW174 James Sinnott 2nd WW252 Shane Houilihan 3rd CK96 Stephen O’Neill. JUNIOR TROPHY RACE: 1st CW2 Courtney Brady 2nd MA290 Dylan Browne 3rd CK36 Eoghan O’Neill.

SCUNTHORPE's third running of the "Moonlight Madness" Saturday evening meeting again attracted entries from far and wide for one of the best attended non-series events of the year, with the majority of visitors staying on for another full day of racing on Sunday. DOWN AUTOGRASS also had a two dayer, although the SCOTTISH LEAGUE's planned two day meeting was trimmed to Sunday only to conserve water supplies. There was a wealth of other NASA meetings on Sunday including LEEWOOD's Tony Jones Memorial, with the F600s contesting the title race, plus club events for SOUTHERN LEAGUE, INVICTA, CONCORD, SPALDING, GLOUCESTER, LUDLOW, PENNINE and  YORKSHIRE DALES, while SEGTO had meetings at HORNDEAN and STANDLAKE.


CLASS 1: 1st NW125 Lee Powell 2nd P28EM Phil Barleyman 3rd P65EM Stephen Heath. CLASS 2: 1st P7EM Ben Gadsby 2nd P12EM John Gadsby 3rd  N2 Lloyd Elliott. CLASS 3: 1st N22 Kev Thorpe. CLASS 4: 1st P33EM Jason Clews 2nd P405EM Andrew Paterson. CLASS 6: 1st P112EM John Gadsby 2nd P70EM Jordan Hampson. CLASS 7: 1st P26EM John Cottrill. CLASS 8: 1st NS155 Matt Berrisford 2nd M1 Ben Harper 3rd NS18 Drew Butters. CLASS 10: 1st P208EM Andy Hunter. STOCK HATCH: P669 Neil Leeray 2nd N184 Barry Wasley 3rd L644 Mick Wood. CLASS 11: 1st L254 Mandy Cashmore. CLASS 14: 1st M11 Barbara Harper. JUNIORS: 1st P56EM Dan Heath 2nd P53EM Stuart Nelson 3rd P170EM Chloe Hampson.



CLASS 1: 1st C210E Aaron Mason 2nd C8E Paul Wilson. CLASS 3: 1st C5E Allan Crowther. CLASS 5: 1st C28E Ian Thorndyke. CLASS 6: 1st C522E Steve Crane. CLASS 7: 1st C129E Graham Hathaway. CLASS 8: 1st C10E Mark Thomas 2nd C21E Lynn Thomas 3rd C12E David Saunders. STOCK HATCH: 1st C666E Rob Britchford 2nd C66E Luke Dale 3rd C664E Jody Wilkinson. JUNIORS: 1st C34E Connor Victory 2nd C29E Aiden Nippress 3rd C206E Declan Stansfield. OPEN: 1st C28E Ian Thorndyke 2nd C10E Mark Thomas 3rd C210E Aaron Mason. JUNIOR OPEN: 1st C8E Billy Wilson 2nd C16E Michael Perry 3rd C60E Matt Perry.


The two major travelling series reached round 3 on the hottest weekend of the year so far, with the British Autograss Series at YORK (the last "closed" round of the series) and the UK Autograss Championship at RADFORD. Both host clubs once again benefited from a realistic number of entries and managed to control the dust as far as possible. Unfortunately, however, Radford weren't able to complete their meeting after a major accident for Luke Watts in the Junior Special final, although Luke was later confirmed to have escaped with severe whiplash.

BAS and UKAC results can be found on the links below; we'll post the Radford meeting results when we receive them.



Unlike previous UKAC/BAS weekends there are no UK NASA alternatives although Irish racers were catered for at CARLOW, where the major trophy, the Jim Dimond memorial, stayed in the family thanks to F600 racer Chris Dimond.

There was a Rolling Thunder Show event at ARENA ESSEX on Saturday night and SEGTO racing at TONGHAM on Sunday. The main event of the Arena Essex meeting was the Superstox "World Cup" which attracted a good field and proved rather hectic after Concord Class 8 racer Bill Edwards' string showing ended up with a blown engine and a full sump of oil on the track. Jordan Salmon came through to win. Tongham laid on a very enjoyable meeting at their Four Marks track.


SUPERSTOX WORLD CUP: 1st 566 Jordan Salmon 2nd 150 John Enright 3rd 12 Vince Foley. OUTLAW HOT RODS: 1st 112 Charlie Schembri 2nd 12 Mark Cooke 3rd 287 Greg Moore. NATIONAL SUPER RODS: 1st 56 Dave Leeks 2nd 341 Jason Osborne 3rd 46 John Wicks. STOCK RODS: 1st 30 Mark Martin 2nd 51 Richard Miles. EURO RODS: 1st 55 Gary Thomas 2nd 599 John Hendy Jr 3rd 196 John Hendy Sr. RTS PICKUPS: 1st 135 Clinton Groom 2nd 42 Dan Guidotti 3rd 1 Geoff Rogers. JUNIOR HOT RODS: 1st 217 Harry Smith 2nd 776 Dan Roots 3rd 9 Sammy Mileham.  STREET STOX: 1st 636 Gary Reeve 2nd 181 Andy Reynolds 3rd 734 Tyrone Goodchild. MINI SPRINTS: 1st 2 Albert Webster 2nd 599 Harvey Hendy 3rd 252 Callum Searle. 


PRODUCTION A: 1st T50 Jamie White 2nd T92 Peter Tilley 3rd T9 Ian Shearman. PRODUCTION B: 1st T608 Ricky Wareham 2nd T134 Laura Chappell 3rd T116 Emily Hayhoe. MODSALOON C: 1st T42 Andy Williams 2nd T16 Barney Hayhoe 3rd T127 Jon Byrne. 1450 HOT RODS: 1st T492 Graham Goddard 2nd T154 Ian Withers 3rd T34 Robert Gray. SUPER SALOONS: 1st T74 Laurence Connors 2nd T17 Kev Ambrose 3rd T203 Charlie Froggatt. SPECIALS: 1st T170 Daryl Ambrose 2nd T174 David Baigent 3rd T172 Mick Baigent. JUNIORS: 1st T266 Brad Wells 2nd T37 Andrew Whitall 3rd T13 Josh Cole. NOVICE JUNIORS: 1st T84 Thomas Connors 2nd T216 Ellie Anne Hayhoe.  ALLCOMERS: 1st T92 Peter Tilley 2nd T16 Barney Hayhoe 3rd T14 Jason Woodgate. THUNDER RODS: 1st 466 Ginny Baker 2nd 522 Trev Arrow. NUDGE & SPIN: 1st 266 Matt Wells 2nd 885 Daniel Wild 3rd 770 Daryl Saunders.


Autograss returned to North West Ireland after a six year break when CAUSEWAY Autograss club opened the very impressive new Bond's Glen Raceway. The most ambitious track construction project ever undertaken by an Autograss club had absorbed six months' hard work by Causeway's members and their landlord John Wilde, but the result, a long and wide track carved into the forest, with the spectators all looking down on the whole layout from the top of the hill, has the potential to be one of the very best venues available to NASA members.

The opening weekend was kept low-key, with Causeway's own members supplemented by a handful of visitors from Down on Saturday, but despite the small number of cars, an encouraging number of spectators filled the venue and it's likely that the club's ranks will be swelled by returning drivers and newcomers. The location not only serves the club's existing catchment area around Derry, but also, for the first time, puts Autograss within reach of the motorsport mad population of Donegal.

Saturday's races were run on the oval layout of the track, but Sunday saw the full track in use, with the hairpin first corner and following left hand kink both adding an interesting challenge and slowing the entry to the long downhill straight. The honour of the first ever race win at Bond's Glen went to F600 driver David King in his sister's Class 1 Micra, while the champion of the weekend was Class 5 man John Marley. The entry included a guest appearance by legendary former rally driver Cyril Bolton.


CLASS 1: 1st CY81 Mark Johnston 2nd CY12 Mark McMullen 3rd CY401 Matthew Mayne 4th CY18 Sarah McKee 5th CY323 David King 6th CY321 Kenneth Dougherty. CLASS 2: 1st CY26 Kenny McGranaghan 2nd CY46 Robert Townley. CLASS 3: 1st DA19 Neil Priestley 2nd CY8 Ivor McKee. CLASS 4: 1st CY104 Jason Gibson 2nd CY601 Andy Brown 3rd CY322 Davon Henry. CLASS 5: 1st CY71 Aaron Wilde 2nd CY70 Cyril Bolton 3rd CY27 John Marley 4th NS70 John Wilde. CLASS 6: 1st CY22 Malcolm Graham 2nd DA116 Andrew Greenaway 3rd DA21 John Paul McCann 4th CY1 Jonathan Gamble. CLASS 7: 1st CY50 Dessie Orr 2nd DA38 Chrisy McCracken. CLASS 8: 1st DA84 Cat Milligan/Paul Moore. CLASS 9: 1st DA37 Jonny McCracken. LADIES: 1st CY323 Rachel King 2nd CY321 Shona McCready. JUNIORS: 1st DA252 Jemma McNeill.


CLASS 1: 1st CY323 David King 2nd CY401 Matthew Mayne 3rd CY81 Mark Johnston. CLASS 2: 1st CY46 Robert Townley 2nd CY26 Kenny McGranaghan. CLASS 4: 1st CY322 Davon Henry 2nd CY601 Jason Gibson. CLASS 5: 1st CY27 John Marley 2nd CY71 Aaron Wilde 3rd CY70 John Wilde. CLASS 6: 1st CY22 Malcolm Graham 2nd CY1 Jonathan Gamble. CLASS 7: 1st CY50 Dessie Orr. LADIES: 1st CY71/CY70 Rachel Wilde 2nd CY27 Jennifer Wilde 3rd CY70/CY71 Martina Wilde. CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS: 1st CY27 John Marley 2nd CY26 Kenny McGranaghan 3rd CY323 David King 4th CY322 Davon Henry.

The best supported English meeting was ST NEOTS' Bob Robins Memorial charity meeting, with the always popular "retro-style" racing on Saturday followed by the main trophy meeting on Sunday. HEREFORD also staged a successful a 2-day meeting, taking the place of the defunct West Midland Open, while Sunday club meetings took place at CORCORD, STURTON & STOW, NOTTINGHAM, SCARBOROUGH, YORKSHIRE DALES and SCOTTISH LEAGUE. The only SEGTO fixture was at STANDLAKE ARENA. We hope to publish more results and details from the weekend as we receive them.


CLASS 1: 1st C210E Aaron Mason 2nd C8E Paul Wilson 3rd C99E Tyler Williams. CLASS 3: 1st C5E Allan Crowther. CLASS 4: 1st C3E Mike Sullivan. CLASS 5: 1st C260E Nigel Richardson 2nd C84E Richard Crowther. CLASS 6: 1st C73E Todd Horwood 2nd C669E John Turner. CLASS 7: 1st C129E Graham Hathaway. CLASS 8: 1st C12E David Saunders 2nd C10E Mark Thomas 3rd C74E Bill Edwards. CLASS 9: 1st C702E Keith Tatam. STOCK HATCH: 1st C33E Chris Page 2nd C66E Luke Dale 3rd C612E Calum Staines. LADIES: 1st C260E Sharon Douglas. JUNIORS: 1st C34E Connor Victory 2nd C206E Declan Stansfield 3rd C29E Aiden Nippress.


DOWN AUTOGRASS staged round two of the All Ireland Autograss Series and the immaculately prepared Maghaberry track as expected delivered racing every bit as good as we’d seen at the Carlow opener. 117 entries meant that all but a couple of classes were well supported, and even the Class 4s and F600s, with two entries each, proved extremely close fought. Unfortunately, after the threatened light rain had kept blowing away during the weekend, it turned properly wet an hour earlier than forecast on Sunday, causing the finals to be abandoned with the Ladies, Junior B-finals, reruns of Classes 2, 7 and 8, and the Champion of Champions still to run. The fate of the superb Champion of Champions trophy was determined by the highest overall points of the weekend, and deservedly went to Class 10 flier Derek Leech.

The Minis of the Jess Brothers and lone Welsh entrant Barry Lewis fought off the Micra hordes in CLASS 1, with a last lap move putting Matt Jess ahead of Barry and James Jess, handicapped by not being able to mount his ignition switch far enough from his knee! CLASS 1A featured a tight four car battle with Cork club chairman Michael O’Mahony coming out on top. CLASS 2 was action packed until the final was stopped by a tangle between Steven White and Becky Coyne; with conditions preventing a rerun, Spud Murphy took the win on points. In CLASS 3 Séamus O’Riordan battled with Paul Cusack but was left a lonely winner after Paul’s new car problems continued.

David Heffernan’s Micra took another close CLASS 4 win over Mike Fuller’s Mini. CLASS 5 ended up dominated by the Wilde team with John Wilde having to work hard to keep his son Aaron behind him. CLASS 6 featured too much excitement, including rolls for James Sinnott and Peter McCann, but Declan Browne was as usual safely ahead of all the action. After some epic battles in CLASS 7, a coming together between Hairy Hamilton and class debutant Junior Kent brought out the reds and sadly the rerun was rained out, leaving Kevin Roche as overall winner.

Davy Curran, Ciaran Creane and Jess Browne were all on top form in CLASS 8 with Davy ahead when a three-car tangle stopped the final; Davy took the win from Mousey and Jess on points. CLASS 9 started with a heavy roll for Noel Cunningham and continued with a big blow-up for John Fuller before Shane Houlihan fended off Jonny McCracken in the final. Derek Leech was unbeaten in CLASS 10 but the result was only settled when Martin Browne spun out in the very wet final. Chris Dimond won all the F600 heats, but Kevin Keating turned the tables when the rain came.

Micras dominated the JUNIOR CLASS 1 field, but a Mini was the car to have in the torrential rain that hit the final, and Evan Curran pulled out a massive lead in the Mini borrowed from Amy Heffernan. Alexander Weir showed great promise with a heat win in only his second meeting. The JUNIOR 1As went to another regular from the Ballyshannon Hot Rod track, making his NASA debut, P J Cronly. The JUNIOR SPECIALS final, the last race to be run in almost zero visibility, ended controversially when leader Liam Roche was brought to a halt by a spinning car, handing the lead to Jack Creaven, only for the result to be taken from the previous lap, putting Liam back in front. However trophies are awarded on overall meeting points so Jack just beat Liam on a tie breaker for the official win. The LADIES’ classes went to Laura Farrell, having her first taste of a Class 1 Mini, and Louise Browne, who took out Jessica’s Class 8.



After another great All Ireland event, West Waterford have a lot to live up to in the final on September 7/8, but we know that they will!


Unfortunately though it was a very sad day for Irish Motorsport with the news of the tragic accident to popular Rally competitor Paul Mulcahy, who had many friends and supporters in the Autograss and Hot Rod fraternity.

Noel Cunningham experienced the ups and downs of Autograss over the weekend; up and over in the first Class 9 heat and down to earth by being voted in as the new Chairman of Down Autograss. Hard luck, and good luck to Noel!

TONGHAM Motor Club staged round three of the 2013 SEGTO Championship, with a 60 car entry. The results give a clue as to why SEGTO don’t run separate ladies’ racing – three of the six senior classes were won by Emily Hayhoe, Leanne Page and Jody Withers respectively, while Jody and Leanne both lead their championship classes along with Keri Stockham. The SEGTO Championship, which comprises four events on four different surfaces, comes to an end on tarmac at Arena Essex on Saturday 10 August.



PRODUCTION A: 1st T92 Peter Tilley 2nd T612 Rob Salter 3rd T493 Alan Goddard. PRODUCTION B: 1st T116 Emily Hayhoe 2nd S312 Macauley Johnsey 3rd T109 Pete Barber. MODIFIED C: 1st T165 Leanne Page 2nd T42 Andy Williams 3rd T16 Barney Hayhoe. 1450 HOT RODS: 1st T292 Jody Withers 2nd T274 Nicky D’Souza 3rd T34 Robert Gray. SUPER SALOONS: 1st T17 Kev Ambrose 2nd T10 Dave Bullen 3rd T74 Laurence Connors. SPECIALS: 1st S347 Danny Stafford 2nd T172 Mick Baigent 3rd S114 Bradley Lock. JUNIORS: 1st X296 Michael Barber 2nd T750 Jay Pearce 3rd T120 Archie Thurlow


The other major NASA event was Solway’s CUMBERLAND OPEN, sadly being held for the last time at the much loved Hay Close track. The major trophy went to Rachael Davis which could be a unique achievement as, just from memory, we have an idea she’s also won this event in both Ladies’ and Junior classes! Another big meeting in the North West was LEEWOOD’s “Wars of the Roses”, which again caught the imagination of large numbers of Northern racers. This time the White Rose of Yorkshire came out ahead of the Red Rose of Lancashire. NORTH SHROPSHIRE’s 40th anniversary meeting and SCUNTHORPE both attracted good turnouts considering all the clashing events. Further south EVESHAM’s Alf Cope Memorial meeting recaptured much of its traditional magic with Mark Barker’s Class 9 and Sally Stratton’s Class 8 taking the major trophies. Other meetings on a busy weekend were staged by GLOUCESTER, SOUTHERN LEAGUE and INVICTA KENT.


CLASS 1: 1st R183 Will Henry 2nd NS63 Josh Evans 3rd NW50 Lee Hynes 4th SR44 Derek Tracey. CLASS 2: 1st SR15 Mat Morris 2nd NW97 David Owen 3rd NW46 Mark Ratcliffe 4th SR177 Paul Hanks. CLASS 3: 1st NS334 Martin Gould 2nd SR55 Bob Matthews 3rd NS293 Leon Dorsett 4th NS41 Steve Goodwin. CLASS 4: 1st NW12 Paul Tyrrell 2nd SR50 Andy Whittingham 3rd SR10 Brad Jarvis 4th NS206 Joe Pipe. CLASS 5: 1st NS46 Jake Williamson 2nd NS36 Mark Downing 3rd SR84 Win Jones 4th S226D Keith Woodward. CLASS 6: 1st NS434 Ben Gould 2nd SR100 Matthew Clark 3rd SR63 Gareth Hockly 4th. NS61 Trevor Morris. CLASS 7: 1st SR2 Dave Law NS243 Wayne Farringdon 3rd NS50 Paul Evans 4th BC49 Sam Gwilliam (dnf). CLASS 8: 1st NS55 Geoff Berrisford 2nd NS151 Tom Chadwick 3rd NS344 Sam Gould 4th C118 Leigh Hughes. CLASS 9: 1st NS343 Sam Gould 2nd SR98 Chuck Jones 3rd NS105 Adrian Jones. CLASS 10: 1st NS120 Liam Evans 2nd NS11 Warren Davis 3rd NS252 Henry de Prez 4th NW11 Dai Jones. CLASS 11: 1st R183 Missy Moseley 2nd NW28 Jenny Tyrrell 3rd NS226 Dawn Faulkner 4th SR61 Julie Whittingham. CLASS 12: 1st NS219 Angela Evans 2nd NS36 Holly Downing 3rd SR6 Jodie Faulkner (dnf). CLASS 13: 1st P307EM Lyndsey Allen 2nd SR22 Sally Shorter. CLASS 14: 1st NS55 Clare Cockerill 2nd NS1 Di Jones 3rd NW181 Vicki Lamb.  JUNIORS: 1st NS207 Tom Pipe 2nd NS95 Tom Henry 3rd NW28 Dylan Tyrrell 4th NS294 Ben Dorsett. JUNIOR SPECIALS: 1st NS115 Matt Owen 2nd NS65 Travis Kirk 3rd NS88 Jordan Arrowsmith 4th S225D Chris Woodward. MEN’S CHAMPION of CHAMPIONS: 1st SR15 Mat Morris 2nd NS115 Dan Owen 3rd NS434 Ben Gould. LADIES’ CHAMPION of CHAMPIONS: 1st NS55 Clare Cockerill 2nd R183 Missy Moseley 3rd NS1 Di Jones.

The ROLLING THUNDER SHOW was in action at Arena Essex on Saturday, with the English Championship trophies up for grabs in all classes. Unfortunately the two well known Autograssers who’ve been dominating the Euro Rods, Gary Thomas and Joe Smith, fell foul of post race scrutineering; hence Sean Merchant was promoted to the win and second and third places weren’t filled, but on the road results were:


OUTLAW HOT RODS: 1st 196 John Hendy 2nd 350 Patsy Enright 3rd 12 Mark Cooke. SUPERSTOX: 1st 974 Neil Moss 2nd 876 Stuart Moss 3rd 35 Big Stuart Moss. STOCK RODS: 1st 30 Mark Martin 2nd 45 Dave Oliver 3rd 417 Helen Blackman. EURO RODS: 1st 55 Gary Thomas 2nd 217 Joe Smith 3rd 240 Sean Merchant. RTS PICKUPS: 1st 42 Dan Guidotti 2nd 31 Dave Follett 3rd 371 Ciran Carton. JUNIOR HOT RODS: 1st 69 Harry Panton 2nd 776 Dan Roots 3rd 88 Jayden Anderson. STREET STOX: 1st 181 Andy Reynolds 2nd 734 Tyrone Goodchild 3rd 636 Gary Reeve. RELIANT ROBINS: 1st 5 Steve Hilton 2nd 4 Brian Killick 3rd 9 David Weaver. MINI SPRINTS: 1st 9 Lewie Weaver 2nd 842 Keaton Ivins 3rd 449 Bradley Green.


Pete Clegg took a well deserved win in the tenth running of the Stock Hatch National Championships, held for the first time at York. Pete was followed home in the final by Scarborough drivers Tom Farrow and Wayne McConnell, with fourth taken by one of the longest serving Stock Hatch racers, Wayne Barker. The ladies' title went to guest driver Leigh Daniells, ahead of defending champion Abiee Hill, Scotland's Rosie Nairns and former champ Mandy Kennedy. The meeting attracted 39 Stock Hatch entries in total. York's meeting also featured the latest round of the British Formula 600 Championship and the Northern Super Saloons series.


Next year the Stock Hatch title race returns for the third time to Scarborough's Hunmanby track.

Other commitments meant that we couldn't attend the Stock Hatch Nationals, but we managed a quick visit to TRENT's new track at Hougham, which more than lived up to the excellent reports its been receiving from all its visitors. The fourth meeting at the new venue, with several clashing meetings, attracted 61 entries, who all enjoyed some very competitive racing with the opportunity for four heats, finals and an open. One car, the Class 7 of Nottingham's Paul Bacon and Sue Thom, completed eleven races!

TRENT RESULTS (unofficial):
CLASS 1: 1st T37 Mike Greaves 2nd SP67 Carl Secker 3rd SP41 Callum Rankin. CLASS 2: 1st ST231 Conrad Noble 2nd L254 Neil Cashmore 3rd L1 Simon Overty. CLASS 3: 1st SC291 Tina Leary. CLASS 4: 1st T199 Steve Olive 2nd ST18 Chris Wood 3rd ST13 John Howseman. CLASS 5: 1st T4 Dan Neville 2nd S806Y Steve Hare 3rd N102 Marcus Fletcher. CLASS 6: 1st SC707 Stephen Jackson 2nd SC88 Jonathan Jobson 3rd SP114 Stephen Pearsall. CLASS 7: 1st N60 Paul Bacon 2nd N52 Jamie Cox 3rd T121 Diesel Dan. FORMULA 600: 1st SC152 Martin Keenan 2nd SC154 Paul Keenan 3rd SC153 Clarice Keenan. CLASS 8: 1st SC120 John Hornby. CLASS 9: 1st T14 Colin Rogers 2nd SC23 Jane Bonsall 3rd T16 Barry Rogers. CLASS 10: 1st SP2 Ken Beals 2nd SP1 Bill Shaw. JUNIORS: 1st T30 Megan Daw 2nd SP791 Thomas Baggaley 3rd T630 Chloe Reynolds. CLASS 11: 1st SP57 Lisa Chenery 2nd SC32 Carly Williams 3rd T32 Hannah Fletcher. CLASS 11A: 1st ST474 Tina Hilton 2nd M254 Mandy Cashmore. CLASS 12: 1st S806Y Louise Rothera. CLASS 13: 1st N60 Sue Thom 2nd N4 Cath Weston. CLASS 14: 1st SC120 Kelly Hornby. OPEN: 1st T8 Jay Neville 2nd SC152 Martin Keenan 3rd N60 Paul Bacon.

The other major event was the WEST WALES OPEN, the last survivor of the traditional Western Region Opens being transplanted to East Wales, on the Magor track. Other NASA meetings were held at CONCORD, CAMBRIDGE, PENNINE, NORTH WALES and CORK while SEGTO meetings were at HORNDEAN and STANDLAKE. Pennine got the worst of the weather, with just 35 entries opting to brave a very wet day, while Cork worryingly only attracted 15 entries, just one more than Spalding the previous week.


There were six NASA events over the weekend of June 15/16, including the second rounds of the British Autograss Series, at CWMDU, and the UK Autograss Championship, at NOTTINGHAM. Both proved successful, despite wet conditions for the finals at Cwmdu, with around 300 drivers racing at Nottingham and 450 at Cwmdu. Encouragingly there were four alternative club meetings, at CONCORD, SCARBOROUGH, SCOTTISH LEAGUE and WEST WATERFORD, where a 43 car turnout had a rather wet day. The main race, the Michael O’Sullivan Cup, was won by Carlow’s Shane Farrell.





CLASS 1: 1st WW215 Kayne Cunningham 2nd WW216 James Daly 3rd WW3 Kieran Cashel. CLASS 1A: 1st CK123 Michael O’Mahony CLASS 2: 1st CK96 Stephen O’Neill 2nd CW22Shane Farrell. CLASS 3: 1st CW25 Ed Sheehan and 2nd WW821 Yvonne Kearns 3rd WW81 Gerard Kelly. CLASS 4: 1st WW59 Mike Fuller 2nd WW50 Jim Hayde. CLASS 6: 1st WW89 Michael Kelly 2nd WW261 Paul Devine. CLASS 7: 1st DA127 David Hamilton 2nd WW194 Alan Long 3rd MA404 Mark Dolphin. CLASS 8: 1st WW178 Tom Buckley 2nd CW17 Paul O’Brien and 3rd WW43 Sean O’Grady.  CLASS 9: 1st WW252 Shane Houlihan 2nd WW399 John Fuller. CLASS 10: 1st WW5 JP Houlihan. F600: 1st WW77 Kevin Keating. JUNIOR CLASS 1: 1st CW2 Courtney Brady 2nd WW106 Brian Meagher 3rd Dean Browne.  JUNIOR CLASS 1A: 1st MA290 Dylan Browne 2nd CK123 Cian O’Mahony 3rd MA15 Cian Fagan. JUNIOR SPECIALS: 1st CW11 Cillian Doherty 2nd CK36 Eoghan O’Neill 3rd WW192 Aaron Long. LADIES: 1st CW12 Chelsea Brady. MICHAEL O’SULLIVAN CUP: 1st CW22 Shane Farrell 2nd WW261 Paul Devine 3rd WW216 Kayne Cunningham.

A completely different event, catering for SEGTO and Rolling Thunder Show racers, was held at LYDDEN HILL, where the Oval racers shared the bill with the BARC South Eastern Centre's three popular circuit racing saloon championships and some of the stars of the British Truck Racing Championship, who staged a series of "demo" races. Adding international flavour to the oval section of the programme were the CAMSO V8 European Late Models, while further American style action was provided by the UK Sprint Cars. The sun shone on the varied programme and everyone involved relished the opportunity to mix with other branches of motorsport.


SPRINT CARS ENGLISH CHAMPIONSHIP: 1st 69 Duncan Panton 2nd 10 Dean White 3rd 6 Vince O’Connor. CAMSO V8: 1st 89 Wim Verloo 2nd 6 Frank Wouters 3rd 99 Chris Richardson. OUTLAW HOT RODS: 1st 285 Trevor Ward 2nd 25 Keith Woods 3rd 172 Steve Kite. SUPER RODS: 1st 46 John Wicks 2nd 341 Jason Osbourn 3rd 57 Dave Willis. STOCK RODS: 1st 44 Lee Rogers 2nd 30 Mark Martin 3rd 19 Alex Martin. EURO RODS LONG TRACK CHAMPIONSHIP: 1st 55 Gary Thomas 2nd 217 Joe Smith 3rd 23 Dan Spinner. SEGTO: 1st S159 Iain Fraser 2nd S280 Luke Stonehouse 3rd S60 Mick Worrell. RTS PICKUPS: 1st 1 Geoff Rogers 2nd 257 Chris Reeve 3rd 42 Dan Guidotti. RELIANT ROBINS: 1st 5 Steve Hilton 2nd 26 Cliff Hutchins 3rd 6 Stuart Weaver. FORMULA FOCUS: 1st 10 Dalton Scarlett 2nd 7 Marcus Hopkins 3rd 4 Chris Scutton.


CAMSO V8: 1st 6 Frank Wouters 2nd 73 Wim Moonen 3rd 89 Wim Verloo. SPRINT CARS LONG TRACK CHAMPIONSHIP: 1st 69 Duncan Panton 2nd 10 Dean White 3rd 191 Ashley Boam. OUTLAW HOT RODS LONG TRACK CHAMPIONSHIP: 1st 30 Matt Simpson 2nd 3 Jeff Simpson 3rd 172 Steve Kite. SUPER RODS LONG TRACK CHAMPIONSHIP: 1st 46 John Wicks 2nd 341 Jason Osbourn 3rd 57 Dave Willis. STOCK RODS LONG TRACK CHAMPIONSHIP: 1st 44 Lee Rogers 2nd 30 Mark Martn 3rd 51 Richard Miles. EURO RODS KING OF THE HILL: 1st 217 Joe Smith 2nd 55 Gary Thomas 3rd 23 Dan Spinner. SEGTO LONG TRACK CHAMPIONSHIP: 1st S159 Iain Fraser 2nd S280 Luke Stonehouse 3rd S60 Mick Worrell. RTS PICKUPS LONG TRACK CHAMPIONSHIP: 1st 1 Geoff Rogers 2nd 135 Clinton Groom 3rd 42 Dan Guidotti. RELIANT ROBINS LONG TRACK CHAMPIONSHIP: 1st 5 Steve Hilton 2nd 26 Cliff Hutchins 3rd 16 Bobby Weaver. FORMULA FOCUS LONG TRACK CHAMPIONSHIP: 1st 7 Marcus Hopkins 2nd 8 Sue Tandy 3rd 2 Roger Clift.


JULY 9 … With the deadline looming for nominating National qualifiers, several leagues were running their final qualifying meetings. Among these, the West Midland League enjoyed a spectacular day’s racing at LUDLOW’s scenic Pencombe track. All eyes were on the Class 8s, who had a particularly close qualifying battle, but although fireworks were expected nobody quite anticipated the fracas that involved most of the tightly packed final field, with Dek Traylor being launched into yet another spectacular roll, and another leading contender, Tom Lewis, getting in the way of Dek’s landing. Other highlights included a spectacular debut by Sean Stanley’s XCWorx Chevy V8 Class 7. Other NASA events were held at ST NEOTS (the final East Anglian League qualifier), SPALDING, INVICTA, STURTON & STOW, NORTH WALES, SOUTH WALES and SOLWAY.


CLASS 1: 1st C3 Craig Bagley 2nd SV69 James Mayo 3rd SV11 Dylan Evans 4th H66 James Williams. CLASS 2: 1st C63 Ian Harvey 2nd SV151 Andrew Jones 3rd C13 Adrian Saunders 4th C49 Peter Stahl. CLASS 3: 1st BC11 Nick Shaw 2nd C12 Pat smith 3rd C14 Brian Payne 4th LUD5 Richard Moore. CLASS 4: 1st H31 Mike Jones 2nd BC32 Kiah Stevens 3rd SV9 Kev Barnett 4th BC27 Josh Thomas. CLASS 5: 1st LUD8 Jabez Smith 2nd SV200 Ryan Griffiths 3rd C5 Barry Williams 4th S60D Stuart Deacon. CLASS 6: 1st BC5 Martin Bowen 2nd LUD92 James Lewis 3rd BC13 Simon Roberts 4th C666 Jamie Newman.  CLASS 7: 1st SV20 Lee Cox 2nd BC59 Simon Bentley 3rd BC9 Gareth Thomas 4th C28 Gary Morris. CLASS 8: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th . CLASS 9: 1st LUD93 Derek Warren 2nd BC70 Phil Matthews 3rd LUD3 Marcus Mills 4th C155 Jay Preece. CLASS 10: 1st BC19 Colin Court 2nd SR46 Matt Booth 3rd BC52 Trev Stead 4th BC92 Richard Lewis. JUNIORS: 1st R84 Chris Ashwin 2nd NASA20 Jack Lovegrove 3rd SV68 Connor Green 4th R16 Elysia Juggins. JUNIOR SPECIALS: 1st LUD4 Brinley Powell 2nd BC18 Ellie Court 3rd C11 Shane Sparks 4th C96 Millie Morgan. CLASS 11: 1st C3 Ella Hughes 2nd C60 Donna Howell 3rd H95 Amy Jones 4th H110 Molly Neville. CLASS 12: 1st SR84 Claire Hickly 2nd H2 Melissa Perkins 3rd C121 Mandy Newman. CLASS 13: 1st BC11 Becky Shaw 2nd C12 Penny Smith. CLASS 14: 1st LUD1 Shelley Tipton 2nd C155 Shirley Preece 3rd S5D Tracey Aldridge 4th H250 Jade Dyke.


SUPERSTOX: 1st 566 Jordan Salmon 2nd 48 James Forrest 3rd 151 Andrew Enright. OUTLAW HOT RODS: 1st 17 Dennis Patten 2nd 12 Mark Cooke 3rd 84 Darren Christie. STOCK RODS: 1st 30 Mark Martin 2nd 51 Richard Miles 3rd 427 Neil Higgins. EURO RODS: 1st 217 Joe Smith 2nd 196 John Hendy 3rd 55 Gary Thomas. RTS PICKUPS: 1st 1 Geoff Rogers 2nd 42 Dan Guidotti 3rd 31 Dave Follett. JUNIOR HOT RODS: 1st 455 Rhys Kuhler 2nd 99 Ash Braim 3rd 47 Chloe McNeil.  STREET STOX: 1st 181 Andy Reynolds 2nd 96 Dave Measday 3rd 636 Gary Reeve. RELIANT ROBINS: 1st 2nd 3rd . MINI SPRINTS: 1st 2 Albert Webster 2nd 299 Harley Burns 3rd 842 Keaton Ivins. 


If Carlow's opening round is anything to go by, this year's ALL IRELAND AUTOGRASS SERIES looks set to be the most competitive yet. Three main factors contributed to the success of Carlow's event; a decision by the majority of Ireland's top racers to support their home series in priority to travelling overseas, a weekend of fine weather, and more than anything a superb effort by the host club to get everything in place for an ideal meeting - covering every angle from superb track preparation to some highly imaginative overnight entertainment, and ending with a dinner and prizegiving in the local pub. The track proved smooth and durable but never lost its loose and grippy surface, which produced tremendously close and fast racing throughout. By Sunday the competitive racing was resulting in plenty of reruns, nearly all deemed to be for pure racing incidents, while the finals contained more than enough drama for a whole season, and will certainly keep the Irish grassers buzzing with excitement in the run-up to round two, at Down Autograss on June 29/30.

CLASS 1 saw the Jess brothers score a 1-2 after fighting off Ricky Houlihan, whose barely finished new car proved quickest of the Micra hordes. Despite the growing popularity of the bubble Micras, there was still a full grid of "boxy Micras" in CLASS 1A where young Ryan Mulroy bounced back from a first corner pile up to win the rerun of the final. CLASS 2 was too close to call all weekend but after Curly Galvin came off worst in a first corner shunt, Steven White held on for a final win. CLASS 3 saw the debut of Paul Cusack's new car after a last minute overnight delivery, but it was Paul's old shell that took top honours, with new owner Seamus O'Riordan showing great form.

CLASS 4 had the smallest entry but some of the closest racing with the three competitors racing three-abreast for much of the weekend before David Heffernan's new Micra took the advantage. A full grid of CLASS 5s produced hectic action all the way; Cecil Haffey had the early advantage but ultimately had too much damage to make the final, where Junior Kent once more hit top form. CLASS 6 is growing with even more converts on the way from the local Hot Rod scene, but as usual nobody could beat Declan Browne. CLASS 7 provided wild action all the way, culminating in a sensational final when Keith Kelly spun his Pickup over the line to win, while Kevin Roche's new Pickup collected the finish line post and flew upside down over the line to claim second!

CLASS 8 was at its best on a track that allowed an infinite choice of fast lines. After a spectacular roll for Colin Byrne on Saturday, Colin was soon up and running again to vie with Cieran Creane for top honours; CB took the final and overall win over Mousey. A full grid of CLASS 9s ended with one car running as John Fuller took the honours while Sean Lambert went missing in a cloud of dust, to be found nose up in a densely wooded ditch in the next field - with no injury to the driver and minimal damage to the car! Martin Browne won CLASS 10 easily in the end, although Gavin Tivy had put up a strong challenge, and the F600s of Chris Dimond and Kevin Keating raced side by side virtually all weekend.

The Micra-dominated JUNIOR CLASS 1 was eventually headed by Lee Mulroy, although any one of the competitors could have won, while the CLASS 1A Junior honours went to Cian O'Mahony. Only in Ireland could the JUNIOR SPECIALS produce the biggest field of the weekend, and after a very tight battle, BAS winner Liam Roche scored another triumph by beating Jack Creaven. The LADIES enjoyed some well handicapped races with close finishes between Chelsea Brady's Class 5 Mini and Nicole O'Brien's Class 8.

Maybe saving the best to the end, the CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS produced a sensational three abreast finish with the hard charging Keith Kelly's Class 7 taking the verdict by inches from Chelsea Brady and John Fuller.


The UK racing scene was dominated of course by the SEVERN VALLEY SUMMER SHOWDOWN. replacing the cancelled MAP Open. Despite dire predictions of unmanageable entry numbers, the meeting actually attracted a very healthy 439 entries and with the weather on their side Severn Valley were able to deliver a superb meeting, highlighted by the British Junior Championship won by Jake Bartlett, with Matt Bishop winning the Junior Specials.


Two other NASA events took place on Sunday. TRENT continued to receive a very positive reaction from drivers sampling the new Marston track, while the sun at last shone north of the border to get the SCOTTISH LEAGUE season underway at the Babbithill raceway. SEGTO clubs ran clashing meetings at the two Hampshire venues of TONGHAM and HORNDEAN.



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